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As we approach our 20th Annual Bahamas Primary School Student of the year Awards Program, I am thrilled to witness another great year in the involvement of schools throughout the entire Bahamas. This year One Hundred & Ten (110) nominees representing New Providence; Grand Bahama; Abaco; Andros; Berry Island; Bimini; Cat Island; Eleuthera, Exuma, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and San Salvador have been awarded with medals and trophies.

What you are witnessing in this year’s program, is a culmination of months of tireless planning, soliciting and administrative efforts, freely contributed, by an exemplary group of individuals. My heartfelt thanks to this stellar team comprised of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and Committee Members.

We also owe a great debt of gratitude to our corporate and individual sponsors, without whom this program would not be possible. We salute these individuals and corporate entities that have deemed it to be of great significance to invest in the future of the Bahamas via this program.

Special thanks and recognition goes to our President and CEO, Dr. Ricardo P. Deveaux. His tremendous effort to ensure the success and sustainability of this program continues to inspire those who are intimately involved with the Foundation. His hard work, along with others, has allowed us to achieve what promises to be an amazing awards ceremony.

To the Chairperson and members of the distinguished panel of judges, I commend you for giving untiringly and selflessly of your time and expertise to fulfill your vital role in making this program a success.

I also offer commendation to our co-patrons Dr. Davidson Hepburn and Mrs. Jacqueline Bethel who continue to be stellar representatives of this program. Although this year, similar to last year, has been challenging for us in garnering financial support, it has also been truly inspiring. Yet again numerous past nominees, several still in school, have given back to the program through scholarships of their own and sponsorship donations. This is a testament to the impact of this program on the youth striving for distinction in this nation.

Ultimately, I would like to congratulate all the 2016 nominees as you have entered into a distinguished echelon of future leaders and world changers who have come through this program. I encourage you to continue to strive for excellence in everything you do. You are all winners and have achieved much to have reached this milestone. Nominees, I leave you with this inspirational quote

from Mr. Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” So continue to strive to realize excellence in you education! Blaze a new path in your pursuit of knowledge. Be like Nelson Mandela a true world changer.

May God’s blessings and favor be upon you all, as you seek his insight to fulfill your destiny.



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