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Message From The Minister of Education, Science & Technology


For the past 19 years, The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation has provided a platform for the ‘Who’s Who’ in Bahamian primary schools to be recognized and awarded for their academic excellence. This year’s winner will be the 20th student to hold this prestigious title. The completion of primary school is truly an occasion to be recognized as it is indeed a rite of passage and signifies the end of one phase of school and the transitioning to another.

There is no doubt that our primary school students work hard and much is required of them. One observation I have made over the years, is that the children who are involved in this program and those who perform well academically are also the students engaged in multiple extra-curricular activities. You are learning at a young age, what it means to have a balanced life, the importance of time management and how to prioritize. Life skills that will greatly assist you as you continue in your pursuit of excellence.

I take this opportunity to extend heartfelt congratulations to all of our nominees for your commitment to greatness. What you have accomplished during the past six years is no small feat and you are quickly establishing yourselves as forces to be reckoned with; academically and as leaders. You are the future leaders of The Bahamas and these years are critical to establishing a strong foundation to build upon. Your futures can only get better; but it will require your sustained diligence, determination and discipline in order for you to continue to excel. While I applaud your efforts and accomplishments, it is my desire that excellence among all of our students become the norm and not the exception. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is working arduously to ensure that we raise the standard of education so that all of our students throughout all of our schools will be students of excellence. We want to make being smart the ‘in thing’ and learning so exciting that we captivate the attention of all of our students.

There is no doubt that this programme is among the best in our country. Mr. Ricardo Deveaux was visionary in his thinking nineteen years ago when he conceptualized the idea to recognize and award our top performing primary school students. To date, this program has positively influenced the lives of more than 1,800 students and has awarded more than one million dollars in scholarships and prizes since its inception.

I commend Mr. Deveaux, The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation, the Nassau, Bahamas Pan Hellenic Council, the Awards Committee and the ardent supporters of this program. Undoubtedly, the parents, teachers, schools and other supporters are to be praised for their hard-work, engagement and for taking a vested interest in the educational pursuits of the students.

I am proud of all the nominees and wish them every success as they transition into secondary school. I am hopeful that the future of our country is in good hands and that you will be well positioned to lead your generation of Bahamians.


The Hon. Jerome K. Fitzgerald, M.P.

Minister of Education, Science & Technology































































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