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I wish to congratulate the Directors of the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation and in particular, its President and CEO, Mr. Ricardo P. Deveaux, for continuing a tradition begun some 19 years ago in recognizing and honouring the best and brightest among our primary school students from across The Bahamas through the Student of the Year Awards Program. This is a noble initiative aimed at rewarding these students who excel through the award of scholarships to secondary schools of their choice but, more so, inculcating the ideals of competitiveness, high achievement and high standards in our students.

There is no question that in the entire cohort of primary aged students across The Bahamas there are many who do exceptionally well and are deserving of the best standard of education that can be attained. Many of these students come from less privileged backgrounds and find it difficult financially to attend some of our more competitive secondary institutions. While the general standard of public education is good and provides a very comprehensive level of education, it is the case that any students who excel at the primary level should have choices and this scheme very admirably caters to this. I am also pleased to note that the Foundation has partnered with the Bahamas Pan-Hellenic Council which supports the program through some of its own fund raising activities. This organization should also be commended for its benevolent gesture in this regard.

The future of our nation depends on the utilization of all our human resources wherever they might be found and because of this we should always cast the net as wide as possible to ensure that each and every child is developed to his/her potential. This program goes a very long way in embracing this sentiment. I am confident that this year the Foundation will again have the tremendous tasks of undertaking a process which at the end of the day will identify the best and the brightest.

I wish all persons associated with this venture the very best and I offer my congratulations to those who will eventually emerge as the best in the Primary School Class of 2016.


The Rt. Honourable Perry G. Christie, M.P

Prime Minister of The Bahamas


































































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